Our Makerspace

In the Venture Academy Makerspace, we make, play, learn, and share in a variety of physical and digital media. We combine traditional and 21st century tools and techniques to create works of lasting value and improve the world around us.

High School

Venture High School students create their own learning journeys in the Venture Academy Makerspace. Each trimester, they complete a project that is connected to one of their core academic classes. They may use a number of modes of creation to accomplish this task.

Winter 2017 Trimester Project: Bill of Rights 2.0, a Redirected Art Project

What Can High Schoolers Do in the Makerspace?

High school students are graded each day for following our Maker Manifesto. Below is an incomplete list of activities that students can do to learn new things and get a great grade.

  • MAKE
    • Draw
    • Paint
    • Sculpt
    • Photograph
    • Work with mixed media
    • Work with wood
    • Papercraft
    • Create a website
    • Create a video/board game
    • Code a robot
    • 3D model/3D print
    • Create a music production
    • Create a podcast
    • Create a video
  • PLAY
    • Take apart a broken machine
    • Play educational/learning games
    • Critically play games and journal opinions about them
    • Play strategy games (Chess, Go, Backgammon)
    • Practice a musical instrument
    • Take an online course
    • Read a book
    • Read a journal
    • Research a topic of interest
    • Watch how-to videos on the Internet
    • Watch a webinar
    • Listen to a podcast
    • Work on PLP content
    • Skype with an expert
    • Learn a new language
    • Create an artist page online
    • Post artistic creations to the Internet
    • Post social media updates about school activities
    • Teach a classmate a new skill
    • Create a how-to video
    • Create a how-it-was-made video