The Venture Difference

We Believe…

Trailblazers cultivate their unique abilities to change the world.

Trailblazers direct their own learning through active discovery.

Trailblazers learn in a caring, joyful, and interdependent community.

Trailblazers create products that exhibit mastery across disciplines.

Trailblazers demand excellence.

Inspiring Innovators and Leaders

Inspiring passionate, purposeful innovators, entrepreneurs, makers and other leaders is not only an aspirational goal after graduation. While at Venture, students and staff engage in the passionate, deep practice of innovative, entrepreneurial leadership by taking charge of their learning and taking responsibility for improvement. Blending the best digital content and tools, time-tested classical approaches and hands-on project and discovery learning, Venture cultivates the knowledge, skills, mindsets and experiences of creative, 21st-century innovators, entrepreneurs, makers and leaders.


Venture’s educators and students seek constant improvement by tracking learning progress and adapting programs, methods and tools with the support of personalized digital learning plans, data dashboards and real-time feedback. Students, educators and leaders are always encouraged to try new approaches, take risks, admit mistakes and share lessons. Failing fast is essential to learning.

Growing Great People

Like the Talent Code’s Daniel Coyle, Venture believes that great learning, leadership and character is neither innate nor mysterious. Venture is designed to ignite the passions of young people and educators to relentlessly practice becoming great learners, educators, leaders and human beings.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Venture encourages trailblazers to pursue areas of passion through experiential enrichment classes (makerspace, web development, music/digital media, visual arts, and physical education). Through entrepreneurial, student-driven independent study, we provide the time and space for trailblazers to connect these interests to their academic content.

We believe that part of preparing trailblazers for the 21st century is equipping them with the tools they need to succeed. Collaborative, project based learning that emphasizes entrepreneurial leadership equips students with the communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills essential to success in 21st century colleges and careers.