Future Leaders

Last month, 10 trailblazers toured Minneapolis City Hall and met Mayor Betsy Hodges and the Fire Chief.

Guest Speaker Matt Hardy

Ten Trailblazers spent their lunch hour learning about blogging and entrepreneurship from Kidblog co-founder, Matt Hardy. “Technology is just a tool and Venture Academy is really going beyond the blog here,” he says of the new school. “It’s clear that the students and staff are about using technology in entrepreneurship, reaching ideals typically just talked about.” The classroom environment is a natural fit for Hardy. Before launching his tech startup 2010, Hardy taught for nine years — a source of his inspiration for Kidblog’s growing student publishing platform.

“Matt turned a light on in them,” Venture Academy’s Jon Bacal says. “Our goal is to offer a better way for other local technology entrepreneurs him to engage with VA on an ongoing basis.” Minneapolis 6th grader Ansoni thought the session was “cool” and has his own ideas about selling sports gear online in the future. Click here to see more.

Underwater Explorer

Barry Clifford became passionate about pirates and treasure at a young age. He shared his story and photos of his many journeys with the trailblazers, who were eager to learn about the artifacts he’s uncovered during his discoveries. Clifford is best known for discovering the remains of the wrecked pirate ship Whydah. And just weeks after his visit to Venture Academy, Clifford found a sunken shipwreck off Haiti thought to be the remains of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’ flagship from his first voyage to the Americas.